Woodbury Library

In addition to the University’s extensive libraries, the Classics Department has a non-circulating library of about 4,000 volumes for the use of graduate students and faculty, built up on the base of the late Professor Leonard Woodbury’s private collection. In addition to a very good collection of basic texts and commentaries, there are essential reference works including L’Année Philologique, the Thesaurus Linguae Latinae, the Lexicon Iconographicum Mythologiae Classicae, Pauly-Wissowa, and Der Neue Pauly, and subscriptions to several major journals.

The Woodbury Library catalogue is fully searchable below. For those who prefer, the catalogue is also available for download here.

Q125 .R45 1927Ancient Science, Mathematics and TechnologyN/AA. Reymond (R.G. de Bray, tr.)History of the Sciences in Greco-Roman AntiquityLondon: MethuenEnglish1927
Q125 .C68 1959Ancient Science, Mathematics and TechnologyN/AA.C. CrombieMedieval and Early Modern Science; 2 vols.New York: Doubleday Anchor BooksEnglish1959
QA32 .K5165Ancient Science, Mathematics and TechnologyN/AAl-Khowarizmi, Robert of Chester (L.C. Karpinski, ed. & tr.)Robert of Chester's Latin translation of the Algebra of Al-KhowarizmiNew York: MacmillanEnglish1915
Q11 .P612 v.233Ancient Science, Mathematics and TechnologyN/AAlexander Jones, ed., tr., comm.Astronomical Papyri from Oxyrhynchus; 2 volsPhiladelphia: American Philosophical SocietyMemoirs of the American Philosophical SocietyEnglish1999
QA31 .A692 1912Ancient Science, Mathematics and TechnologyN/AArchimedes (T.L. Heath, ed.)Edited in modern notation; with suppliment: The Method of ArchimedesNew York: Dover PublicationsEnglish1912
Q127 .G7 1944Ancient Science, Mathematics and TechnologyN/ABenjamin FarringtonGreek Science: its meaning to us; 2 volsHarmondsworth, Middlesex: PenguinEnglish1944-
RC428 .S55Ancient Science, Mathematics and TechnologyN/ABennett SimonMind and Madness in Ancient Greece: the classical roots of modern psychiatryIthaca: Cornell University PressEnglish1978
T15 .S56Ancient Science, Mathematics and TechnologyN/ACharles Singer, E.J. Holmyard, A.R. Hall, Trevor I. Williams, edd.A History of Technology; vol.II: the Mediterraenean civilizations and the Middle Ages c.700BC to AD1500Oxford: University PressEnglish1956
QB21 .D53 1990Ancient Science, Mathematics and TechnologyN/AD.R. DicksEarly Greek Astronomy to AristotleLondon: Thames and HudsonAspects of Greek and Roman Life (H.H. Scullard, ed.)English1990
G87 .A3W3Ancient Science, Mathematics and TechnologyE.H. WarmingtonGreek GeographyLondon: Dent & Sons Co.English1934
G84.B95 1959 V.1Ancient Science, Mathematics and TechnologyN/AEdward Herbert BunburyA History of Ancient Geography vol. 1DoverEnglish19592nd
G84.B95 1959 V.2Ancient Science, Mathematics and TechnologyN/AEdward Herbert BunburyA History of Ancient Geography vol. 2DoverEnglish19592nd
QA31 .E875 1920Ancient Science, Mathematics and TechnologyN/AEuclid (Sir Thomas L. Heath, ed. & notes)Book ICambridge: University PressEnglish1920
Q151 .A8S6Ancient Science, Mathematics and TechnologyN/AFriedrich SolmsenAristotle's System of the Physical World: a comparison with his predecessorsIthaca: Cornell University PressCornell Studies in Classical Philology vol.33English1960
Z8407.5 .M34 1982Ancient Science, Mathematics and TechnologyN/AG. Maloney & R. SavoieCinq cents ans de bibliographie hippocratique, 1473-1982St-Jean-Crysostome, QuŽbec : ƒditions du SphinxFrench1982
Q127 .G7L595 1987Ancient Science, Mathematics and TechnologyN/AG.E.R. LloydThe Revolutions of Wisdom: studies in the claims and practice of ancient Greek scienceBerkeley: University of California PressEnglish1987
R723 .L1 1983Ancient Science, Mathematics and TechnologyN/AG.E.R. LloydScience, Folklore and Ideology: studies in the life sciences in ancient GreeceCambridge: University PressEnglish1983
Q125 ,S247Ancient Science, Mathematics and TechnologyN/AGeorge SartonA History of Science: ancient science through the golden age of GreeceCambridge, Ma.: Harvard University PressEnglish1952
Q125 .D34 1961Ancient Science, Mathematics and TechnologyN/AGiorgio De SantillanaThe Origins of Scientific Thought from Anaximander to Proclus 600 B.C. - 500 A.D.New York: New American LibraryThe Mentor History of Scientific ThoughtEnglish1961
G87 .H57D5Ancient Science, Mathematics and TechnologyN/AHipparchus (D.R. Dicks, ed.)Geographical FragmentsLondon: The Athlone PressGreek1960
G84 .T5Ancient Science, Mathematics and TechnologyN/AJ. Oliver ThomsonHistory of Ancient GeographyCambridge: University PressEnglish1948
TN16 .H4Ancient Science, Mathematics and TechnologyN/AJ.F. HealyMining and Metallurgy in the Greek and Roman WorldLondon: Thames and HudsonEnglish1978
VM16 .M67Ancient Science, Mathematics and TechnologyN/AJohn Sinclair Morrison & Roderick T. WilliamsGreek Oared Ships, 900-322 B.C.Cambridge: University PressEnglish1968
S676 .W5Ancient Science, Mathematics and TechnologyN/AK.D. WhiteAgricultural Implements of the Roman WorldCambridge: University PressEnglish1967
T16 .W55Ancient Science, Mathematics and TechnologyN/AK.D. WhiteGreek and Roman TechnologyIthaca: Cornell University PressEnglish1984
VM15 .C345Ancient Science, Mathematics and TechnologyN/ALionel CassonShips and Seamanship in the Ancient WorldPrinceton, N.J.: Princeton University PressEnglish1971
R135 .E3 1967Ancient Science, Mathematics and TechnologyN/ALudwig Edelstein (O. & L. Temkin, edd., L. Temkin, tr.) Ancient medicine : selected papers of Ludwig EdelsteinBaltimore: Johns HopkinsEnglish1967
QA140 .T3Ancient Science, Mathematics and TechnologyN/AMarcus Niebuhr TodAncient Greek Numerical SystemsChicago: AresEnglish1979
Q125 .C9 1963Ancient Science, Mathematics and TechnologyN/AMarshall ClagettGreek Science in Antiquity; 2nd ed.New York: CollierEnglish1963
QA22 .N36Ancient Science, Mathematics and TechnologyN/AO. NeugebauerThe Exact Sciences in AntiquityNew York: Harper TorchbooksEnglishc1957
GA213 .D44 1985Ancient Science, Mathematics and TechnologyN/AOswald Ashton Wentworth DilkeGreek and Roman MapsIthaca: Cornell University PressEnglish1985
QB41 .P957 1998Ancient Science, Mathematics and TechnologyN/APtolemy (G.J. Toomer, tr. & notes)AlmagestPrinceton, N.J.: Princeton University PressEnglish1998
GA881.1 .B47 2000Ancient Science, Mathematics and TechnologyN/APtolemy (J.L. Berggren & A. Jones, trr. & notes)Ptolemy's GeographyPrinceton, N.J.: Princeton University PressEnglish2000
T16 .F6 v.1Ancient Science, Mathematics and TechnologyN/AR.J. ForbesStudies in Ancient Technology; Vol. ILeiden: BrillEnglish1964
R123 .M346 2003Ancient Science, Mathematics and TechnologyN/ARegina M. Masters & B.A. GylysMedical Terminology Specialties: a medical specialties approach with patient recordsPhiladelphia: F.A. Davis CompanyEnglish2003
QA22 .H4 1921 v.1-2Ancient Science, Mathematics and TechnologyN/ASir Thomas HeathA History of Greek Mathematics; Vol.I & IIOxford: Clarendon PressEnglish1921
QB21 .H1 1913Ancient Science, Mathematics and TechnologyN/ASir Thomas Heath, ed.Aristarchus of Samos, the Ancient Copernicus: a history of Greek astronomy to Aristarchus together with Aristarchus' traetise on the Sizes and Distances of the Sun and MoonOxford: Clarendon PressEnglishc1913
Q125 .B1 1984Ancient Science, Mathematics and TechnologyN/AT.D. BarnesThe Sciences in Greco-Roman SocietyEdmonton: AcademicEnglish1994
QB21 .H42 1932Ancient Science, Mathematics and TechnologyN/AT.L. HeathGreek AstronomyLondon: Dent & Sons Co.English1932
T16 .B87Ancient Science, Mathematics and TechnologyT.S. BrumbaughAncient Greek Gadgets and MachinesNew York: CromwellEnglish1966
BF1708.1 .P12 1980Ancient Science, Mathematics and TechnologyN/AT.S. PattieAstrology as Illustrated in the Collections of the British Library and the British MuseumLondon: British LibraryEnglish1980
R126 .A57 1947Ancient Science, Mathematics and TechnologyN/AW.H.S. JonesThe Medical Writings of Anonymous LondinensisCambridge: University PressEnglish1947
R126 .S57Ancient Science, Mathematics and TechnologyN/AWesley D. SmithThe Hippocratic TraditionIthaca: Cornell University PressCornell Publications in the History of ScienceEnglish1979
Q125 .S74Ancient Science, Mathematics and TechnologyN/AWilliam H. StahlRoman Science: origins, development, and influence to the later Middle AgesMadison: University of WisconsinEnglish1962
DF212 .S4B67 1974Art and ArchaeologyN/AA. BrackmanThe Dream of TroyNew York: Van Nostrand ReinholdEnglish1974
N5770 .M34Art and ArchaeologyN/AA. MaiuriPaintings from Pompeii, Herculaneum, and Stabia in the Museo Nazionale at NaplesMilano: Aldo MartelloEnglish1960
DF275 .M9Art and ArchaeologyN/AA. MilhhoeferAncient Athens, Piraeus & Phaleron: their topography, cults, monments, and ekistic historyChicago: AresEnglish1977
DF129 .D66Art and ArchaeologyA.A. DonohueXoana and the Origins of Greek SculptureAtlanta, Ga.: Scholars PressEnglish1988
NK4650 .P48T7Art and ArchaeologyN/AA.D. TrendallPhylax VasesLondon: University of London PressEnglish1959
NK4649.T72Art and ArchaeologyN/AA.D. TrendallThe Red-Figured Vases of Lucania, Campania, and SicilyClarendon PressEnglish1967
NA324 .M34 1977Art and ArchaeologyA.G. McKayHouses, Villas and Palaces in the Roman WorldLondon: Thames and HudsonEnglish1977
NB85 .L3Art and ArchaeologyN/AA.W. LawrenceClassical SculptureLondon: J. CapeEnglish1929
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NK4645 .S63Art and ArchaeologyN/AAnthony SnodgrassHomer and the ArtistsCambridge: University PressEnglish1998
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NA1 .B1 1995Art and ArchaeologyN/AB. BuffetL'OdysŽeParis: MusŽe VorrsFrench1995
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