The Classics Department has a non-circulating library of about 5,000 volumes for the use of graduate students and faculty, built up on the base of the late Professor Leonard Woodbury’s private collection. The Woodbury Library provides a comfortable and quiet space for reading and study. For those seeking a social space, the Department also has a comfortable lounge for conversation and refreshment.

The University and the Department have excellent computing resources:

  • The University’s Information Commons provides up-to-date access to the Internet and the essential tools of information technology, while the University provides cost-free computing services to all our graduate students.
  • The Department has a well-equipped computer lab, with solid support for Windows and Macintosh platforms. Graduate students and faculty have been active in developing materials for use in the University’s smart classrooms, and some faculty are also active in the development of web-based publications, pedagogical and reference materials. Graduate classes are conveniently held in one or the other of the two seminar rooms at 125 Queen’s Park.