Research Opportunity Program

April 11, 2011 — Classics student embarks on career in scholarship with novel research program

For St. Michael’s College student Cristina Ichim, acquiring real research experience couldn’t come soon enough in her undergraduate studies. Thankfully, the Faculty of Arts & Science’s Research Opportunity Program, commonly known as 299Y for its course code, met her needs perfectly.

“I was interested in the 299 projects in my first year, as I knew I wanted to pursue an academic career. The Research Opportunity Program offered a starting point,” said Ichim, a second-year Classics student working on a major in classical civilization and aiming to specialize in Greek archaeology and history. “This was an opportunity I couldn’t miss.”

Ichim spent the past year working on the Biographies of Ancient Athenians research project, an ongoing enterprise led by Professor John Traill, which gathers and processes information pertaining to the more than 100,000 known men and women of ancient Athens. The project includes the Persons of Ancient Athens series, a multi-volume collection of biographies of ancient Athenians that has been produced utilizing a sophisticated relational database.

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