Graduate Program

The Department of Classics at the University of Toronto is the largest and most diverse in Canada, and among the most comprehensive in North America. Reflecting a vision of classical studies as the study of all facets of a civilization and its heritage, our faculty carry out and supervise research not only in the traditional core subjects of Greek and Latin literature and Greco-Roman history, but also in comparative literature, drama, the histories of science, religion, and philosophy, textual criticism, and many aspects of art history and archaeology.

Our graduate programs provide students with the two keys to a career of distinction as a classicist: a thorough philological training in the ancient languages and their literatures, and the opportunity to practise research in the company and under the guidance of first-rate scholars. Our former students can be found on the faculties of major universities in Canada, the United States, and abroad.

In 1999 our department adopted a ‘doctoral stream’ program with a normal time to completion of five years, starting either with admission to the PhD program or with a one-year MA. All PhD students in good standing, and designated MA students, are offered funding guarantees covering fees plus a stipend for four or five years. In 2015, the department introduced Ancient History as a separate field besides Literature and Philosophy; students in all three fields take many of their classes together but also receive field-specific methodological training.

The Department works closely with related units such as the Departments of the History of Art, Comparative Literature, Philosophy, and Near and Middle Eastern Civilizations, the Centres for Medieval Studies, the Study of Religion, and the Study of Drama, and the Institute for the History and Philosophy of Science and Technology. We encourage interdisciplinary work, especially at the PhD level.

Program Regulations For Current Graduate Students