Flavia Vasconcellos Amaral

Faculty of Arts and Sciences Postdoctoral Fellow
PhD (University of São Paulo)

Contact Information

Email: flavia.amaral@utoronto.ca
Room: LI 230

Bio and Research

Flavia Vasconcellos Amaral was born in São Paulo (Brazil) and studied at University of São Paulo, where she earned her BA, MA and PhD in Classics, all funded by the Brazilian federal government. She was a visiting scholar of the Margo Tytus Fellowship – Cincinnati Summer Residency Program at University of Cincinnati in 2019 with the project ‘Female Voices in Greek Epigram’.

At the moment, she is a postdoctoral researcher under the supervision of Dr. Regina Höschele. Her current project is entitled ‘Narrative strategies in Greek dialogue epigrams’ and it aims to investigate the evolution of the different voices and narrative techniques used in the dialogued Greek epigrams.

Her areas of interest and research are Greek and Latin epigram; Greek and Latin epigraphy; Greek poetry books (esp. epigram collections); Hellenistic poetry and its reception in Latin literature; erotic literature and ancient sexuality, death in ancient Greece and reading and writing in ancient Greece.

Detailed CV 

C V Flavia Vasconcellos Amaral 2020