Tiphaine Lahuec


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Email: t.lahuec@mail.utoronto.ca

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Bio and Research

I am currently a 3rd year PhD student in Classics, with an emphasis on ancient languages and literatures. I earned a BA in Classics and Anthropology (2017) and a MA in Classics (2020) from the University of Montreal. My areas of interest include Greek tragedy, Greek literature, ancient historiography, ancient religions, as well as sociolinguistics, poetics and ethnography. I am also invested in projects involving gender studies and/or racial/ethnic constructs; for instance, my master’s thesis, (title translatable to “Poetics, themes and context of lament in Greek tragedy”) examined the ties between the characters’ gender and ethnic identities and the characteristics of their laments.

My current research can be roughly divided into three categories: 1) the continuation of my previous studies on lamentations and the gendering of emotions, focusing on common biases and misconceptions regarding funerary laments, complaints and other expressions of pain in Greek tragedy; 2) an exploration of the evolution of barbarian / non Greek-Roman figures and tropes, both within Greek literature and from Greek to Roman literature; and 3) an investigation into ancient ethnotheories surrounding plants, animals, colors and the environment.

Research Interests

Greek literature; linguistic anthropology; tragic laments; plants and animals in Antiquity