Taylor Stark


Contact Information

Email: taylor.stark@mail.utoronto.ca

Bio and Research

I’m a PhD student in Classical Archaeology and a member of the Mediterranean Archaeology Collaborative Specialization (MACS). I earned my B.A. and M.A. in Classics from the University of Toronto. I’m broadly interested in Aegean archaeology and the material culture, craft technologies, and landscapes of the early East Mediterranean.

My research is centred on processes of Mycenaeanization and “Mycenaean peripheries” and asks how we access shifting and entangled cultural and community identities through material culture. I’m trying to complicate traditional models of Mycenaeanization and question how our entrenched narratives of “Mycenaean” conquest and colonization have obscured distinct, local narratives and agency in marginal regions and have dictated the geographies and identities which scholars prioritize in the Late Bronze Age/Early Iron Age Aegean. My approach highlights theories of technology (metallurgy, ceramics, textiles, etc) and the transmission of practice and knowledge between different communities of practice, as well as the mobility of craftspeople.

I am also interested in theoretical approaches to networks and connectivity, and survey methodology. I was a member of the Western Argolid Regional Project and currently work with the Bays of East Attica Regional Survey project. My biggest claims to fame are the time I rode a unicycle from Vancouver to Toronto and my focaccia.

Research Interests

Aegean prehistory & archaeology, Mycenaeanization, metallurgy, acculturation