Ryland Patterson


Contact Information

Email: ryland.patterson@mail.utoronto.ca

Bio and Research

Before coming to the University of Toronto, Ryland Patterson earned degrees from Carleton University in Ottawa (B.A., Greek and Roman Studies, M.A., International Affairs) and Queen’s University at Kingston (M.A., Classics). Ryland is drawn to the field of Classics by his interest in the literature, linguistics, and history of the Greek and Latin languages. This interest led him to work on the Lexicon of Festus during his M.A. studies, for which he produced a partial English translation and commentary. This experience sparked a wider interest in ancient Roman scholarship, particularly the works of ancient lexicographers, grammarians, and antiquarians. His current research interests revolve around the textual history and interpretation of several Latin-language glossaries and lexicographical works currently lacking modern editions.