Rachel Mazzara


Contact Information

Email: r.mazzara@mail.utoronto.ca

Bio and Research

Rachel Mazzara specializes in the form and genre of Roman comedy, with a particular focus on performance and spectatorship. Her dissertation, “Plautinopolis: Imagination and Representation in Roman Comedy,” addresses metagenre and artificiality in Plautus and the ways that Plautine self-referentiality casts his spectators as imaginative collaborators in playwrighting and dramatic production. In addition to Roman comedy and performance, Rachel’s research interests include the broader New Comic tradition and its ancient reception; the construction of imaginary worlds in literary texts; Roman ethnography; and the theory and practice of translation. Beyond her academic pursuits, Rachel has served as the Vice President (2016-17) and Social [Distancing] Chair (2019-20) of the Graduate Classics Course Union. Before coming to the University of Toronto, she earned a B.A. in Classics at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill (2013).

Research Interests

Greek and Latin New Comedy, Latin poetry, social history