Matthew E. Ludwig


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Bio and Research

Ever since my first encounter with Ancient Greek, when I took a course in it on a whim as a first year English major, I have been enamoured with the language. Upon subsequently taking every Greek and Latin course my alma mater had to offer, I became a more and more ardent appreciator of Greek and Roman poetry of various genres and styles. UofT’s Classics Department, my academic home of the last few years, has given me ample opportunity to continue to indulge my fascination in these ancient poets, their performance contexts, their nexus of influences, and their craft. 

Now in the midst of a PhD degree, I find myself increasingly interested in 5th century Athenian Tragedy and the earliest Greek critical notions—ethical, literary, aesthetic—associated with it. Related to this fascination, other prevailing sources of intrigue for me include Archaic lyric poetry and its performance traditions, symposia, theories of mythology, Athenian Comedy, Plato, and Aristotle. Oh, and Homer of course!

Research Interests

Greek and Latin poetry, particularly lyric and epic