Katerina Apokatanidis

PhD Candidate in Classical Archaeology
(2019-2020 Treasurer)

Contact Information

Email: katerina.apokatanidis@mail.utoronto.ca

Bio and Research

My interest lies in Ancient Greek religion, and, more specifically, in religious ideology and mystery cults and how one interacts with and is integral to the other. I focus on the marginal elective cults and on the ways we classify official cult practices as opposed to the practice of magic and curses. I draw from a wide range of evidence, from textual to material, with particular attention given to the Orphic Gold Tablets and their transmission. I look at issues of their materiality and crafting technique and what that means for the expression of an alternative to the mainstream belief of life after death. I draw attention to the ways we have come to classify certain aspects of ancient Greek religious life as ‘mainstream’. In sum, I attempt to gain a better understanding of the relationship between humankind, the gods, and the spaces each occupy within the universe.

Research Interests

Greek archaeology of the Archaic and Classical eras; funerary archaeology; archaeometallurgy; archaeothanatology; the movement and networks of craftspeople; Dionysian religion and its expression in orgiastic and funerary contexts; Orphism and its opposition to the mainstream civic and religious ideology.