Gianmarco Bianchini

Ph.D. Candidate in Classics; Member of the Collaborative Program in Editing Ancient and Medieval Texts

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Bio and Research

I was born and raised in Rome, where I developed my interest in the Ancient world. I received both my B.A. (2014, magna cum laude) and M.A. (2016, magna cum laude, Award for the Best Graduate Students of the Year) at Sapienza Università di Roma. In my undergraduate thesis I analyzed four fragmentary satyr plays of Sophocles; my graduate thesis focused on the epigraphic reception of Ovid, in particular on the contribution of the inscriptions to the reconstruction of the Ovidian text.

My research interests are in ancient and late antique commentaries on Latin Poetry, with a specific focus on the exegetical tradition of Augustan poets. I also specialize in Latin Epigraphy, especially verse inscriptions: in this area I have written on the presence of Lucretius and Ovid on stone, on Pompeian metrical inscriptions, and on the contribution of epigraphy to the understanding of the institutional role of Augustus as princeps. I am currently working on a survey of the presence of Ovid in the carmina Latina epigraphica of Rome.

Selected publications:

  • Forthcoming. “The triclinium of the ‘Casa del Moralista’ and its inscriptions: CIL IV, 7698 = CLE 2054”. In Sylloge Epigraphica Barcinonensis
  • Forthcoming. “La réception épigraphique d’Ovide à Pompéi: CIL, IV 1595 = CLE 927”. In Présences ovidiennes. Caesarodunum 52-53 bis. Clermont-Ferrand
  • Forthcoming. “Ovidius epigraphicus. The Contribution of the Epigraphic Tradition to the Reconstruction of the Ovidian Text”. In Liu, J. (ed.). The New Frontiers of Research on the Roman Poet Ovid in the Global Context. Peking
  • 2020. “Quod peto, si colitis Manes … Nuove proposte di integrazione ad AE 1982, 69 (Roma)”. In ZPE 213. 105-107
  • 2018 “Augusto optimus princeps?”. In Segenni, S. (ed.). Augusto dopo il bimillenario. Un bilancio. Firenze. 195-206

Research Interests

Augustan Poetry; carmina Latina epigraphica; Commentary Tradition in Late Antiquity; Reception of Ovid in the Early Roman Empire.