Erica Venturo

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Bio and Research

Erica Venturo is currently pursuing a Masters of Ancient History. Erica’s research interests lie in Mediterranean archaeology, Hadrianic and Antonine era mosaics, and Imperial Roman pottery. Erica worked on the Western Argolid Regional Project in 2016 with Professors Dimitri Nakassis, Sarah James, and Scott Gallimore. Then in 2017, Erica joined the Villa of the Antonines excavation near Rome where she is now an on-site supervisor being trained by Professors Timothy Renner and Deborah Chatr-Aryamontri to assume the responsibilities of staff assistant. Her fieldwork in Greece and Rome excavating, classifying and cataloguing material culture including marble, pottery sherds, coins, tile, glass, and mosaic sparked her interest in combining archaeological and historical approaches to the study of antiquity, particularly to Roman mosaics and pottery.