Edward Parker


Contact Information

Email: ted.parker@mail.utoronto.ca

Bio and Research

While I have keen interests in the broad sweep of Greek and Roman literature, I focus especially on Greek prose, which I read closely for insight into Athenian communal values and class relations. For this close reading, I find inspiration in continental philosophy in general and critical theory in particular. I am currently finishing up my dissertation (In the Margins of Justice: The Negotiation of Values in Athenian Forensic Oratory), a study of the political, social, and juridical importance of four seminal values-terms in Athenian forensic oratory: philanthrōpia (“generosity”), epieikeia (“fairness”), suggnōmē (“pardon”), and eusebeia (“piety”). In my spare time, I read Virgil for pleasure and Twitter for pain.
Pronouns: he/him

Research Interests

Athenian oratory, Thucydides, Homer