David Sutton


Contact Information

Email: d.sutton@mail.utoronto.ca

Bio and Research

I came to Toronto from the University of Alberta in 2015 with a B.A. in Classical Languages and a keen interest in representations of masculinity, sexuality and sociality in Latin poetry. That turned into an M.A. thesis in 2017 on the homosocialities of the polymetric poems in Catullus, and is slowly turning into a doctoral dissertation on the rhetoric of homosocial intimacy in Martial’s epigrams. General interests include gender and sexuality in the classics, the vocal performance of ancient poetry, translation of the classics, and the reception of the Latin poets, especially their erotic and gendered dimensions, in later literary traditions, as well as the place and pedagogy of the Latin language in the modern university.

Research Interests

Latin poetry, gender and sexuality, masculinity studies and homosociality