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I first started my studies in Classics at Sapienza, University of Rome, focusing on the multifaceted concept of identity in the archaic Messenia and especially on the initiatory ritual elements of the Spartan-Messenian conflicts. In the wake of the initial results, I widened my research to identity as well as to cultural and religious contacts in the ancient world, ranging from the complex issues of identity and sympoliteia in the city of Aphrodisias to the pre-Roman and Roman Italy.

Among my other interests, I have been focusing on archaeology and ancient languages through international archaeological excavation projects, studying a wide variety of ancient languages and writings, from Linear B to Etruscan.

My most recent research leans on a cross-disciplinary approach to investigate the role of literacy in the pre-Roman and Roman Italy, with a focus on the role of writing in the representation of social prestige, in the ritual activities in sanctuaries as well as in the evolution of the concept of the state.