Martin Revermann

Professor of Classics and Theatre Studies, University of Toronto
D Phil (University of Oxford)

Contact Information (UofT Mississauga)

Phone:  (905) 828-3781
Room:  NE 253

Bio and Research

Martin Revermann is a Classicist and Theatre Studies scholar. His research interests are not confined to Graeco-Roman antiquity but cover the cultural history of theatre (both Western and Asian) more broadly and until the 21st century. Specific areas include performance criticism of Greek drama, the cultural history of Greek theatre from antiquity to the present day, the history and theory of translation, theatre iconography, theatre theory and theatre sociology. Another major focus of his research is the work of Bertolt Brecht, especially exploring Brecht’s position as a playwright, director and theorist within theatre history as a whole. He is also working on the history of theatre audiences and playgoing. His research (and graduate teaching) therefore integrates the academic disciplines Classics, Theatre Studies, Comparative Literature, German Studies and History.

Revermann’s award-winning doctoral research was the foundation of Comic Business. Theatricality, Dramatic Technique and Performance Contexts of Aristophanic Comedy. (Oxford 2006). He has edited or co-edited four other books: Performance, Iconography, Reception. Studies in Honour of Oliver Taplin (Oxford 2008), Beyond the Fifth Century: Interactions with Greek Tragedy from the Fourth Century BCE to the Middle Ages (Berlin/New York 2010), The Cambridge Companion to Greek Comedy (Cambridge 2014) and A Cultural History of Theatre (Vol. 1: Antiquity) (London 2017).

Revermann was trained as a Classicist in Germany and the UK, and holds a doctorate from Oxford University (where was a Rhodes Scholar). He also held research fellowships at Merton College (Oxford) and at Harvard’s Center for Hellenic Studies.

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