Jody Cundy

PhD (University of Toronto)

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Jody Ellyn Cundy is a Hellenist with broad interests in the ancient Mediterranean, which include Greek literature, the archaeology of the Aegean, Greek religion, and the cultural history of Roman Greece. She holds a BA in Classical Civilizations from Concordia University in Montreal, and both an MA and PhD in Classics from the University of Toronto. Her research expertise encompasses both text and material culture and relates to topography, historiography, and travel writing. In particular, she has focused on constructions of space in paradoxography and travel narratives, and rhetorical strategies for reporting about marvels. She is currently working toward the publication of her doctoral thesis titled “THEAS AXION: Wonder, Place and Space in Pausanias’ Periegesis Hellados,” and a series of articles.

It was while traipsing around archaeological sites of Greece and Coastal Turkey as a Regular Member at the American School of Classical studies that Jody first began to appreciate Pausanias’ Periegesis as a unique text for the intersection of material culture and the literary tradition. Frequent visits to Greece for archaeological excavations over the years have further cemented this love of material culture. She brings the same interdisciplinary approach that characterizes her research to bear in her teaching. She has taught undergraduate courses in Classical Myth, Introductory Ancient Greek, Greek History, Greek culture and society, Greek epic, Ancient Visual culture, the Classical World in film, and the archaeology of Early Greece.

Specialization: Greek Literature, History, Society and Culture

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