Hugh Mason

Associate Professor Emeritus
BA, Classics (McGill, 1964)
PhD, Classical Philology (Harvard University, 1968)

Contact Information

Room:  LI  125
Phone:  (416) 946-5164

Bio and Research

Hugh Mason did his graduate work at Harvard (PhD 1968); his thesis resulted in his published work,  Greek Terms for Roman Institutions.

While he retains an interest in Roman Government, his research has focused for many years on the Ancient Novel, especially on Apuleius and Longus. His research on Longus’ novel, which is set on Lesbos,  has led to continuing work on all aspects of the island’s history and culture, from its relationship to the Hittite Empire in the late 2nd millennium BCE, to the present. From the last century, he is especially interested in the primitive painter Theophilos and the novelist Stratis  Myrivilis. This wide-ranging research has meant studying Greek texts from all periods, leading to a keen interest in the development of the language over time, although this has not led to any published work.

Outside Classics, he is fascinated by baroque music, and in particular in the person of the composer Tomaso Albinoni, and his life in 18th century Venice; by Golden Age art from the Netherlands; by left-wing politics; and by baseball.

Specialization: Ancient Novel

Detailed CV and List of Publications

Hugh Mason CV