Departmental Committees 2020-21

Executive Committee:

Victoria Wohl (Department Chair and Graduate Chair)
Christer Bruun (Associate Chair, Graduate)
George Boys-Stones (Associate Chair, Undergraduate)

Senior and Personnel Committee:

Victoria Wohl (Convenor)
George Boys-Stones
Christer Bruun
Alison Keith
Jonathan Burgess

Graduate Examinations Committee:

Peter Bing (Convenor)
Sarah Murray
Martin Revermann
Jarrett Welsh

Graduate Committee on Admissions, Scholarship, and Standing:

Christer Bruun (convenor)
Rachel Barney
Michael Dewar
Regina Hoeschele
Victoria Wohl (Ex off.)

Library and Resources Committee:

Regina Hoeschele (convenor)
John Fabiano
Brad Hald
Dylan Norton (Woodbury RA)
Peter Bayer (Website and media RA)

Public Relations Committee:

Victoria Wohl (Ex Off.)
Katherine Blouin (social media)
Jonathan Burgess (newsletter)
Taylor Stark (GCCU president)
Sydney Miller (CLASSU president)

Workload Committee:

Victoria Wohl (Convenor)
Christer Bruun
Alison Keith
Kenneth Yu

Lectures Coordinator:

Michael Dewar

Placement Officer:

Kenneth Yu

Recording Secretary:

Jonathan Burgess

Collaborative Programs/Areas of Emphasis Representatives:

Literature: Jonathan Burgess, Eric Gunderson
Ancient History: Katherine Blouin, Boris Chrubasik (F), Eph Lytle (S)
MACs : Sarah Murray
CPAMP: George Boys-Stones

Graduate Appeals Committee:

Erik Gunderson (Chair)
Rachel Barney, faculty
Jarrett Welsh, faculty alternate
John Fabiano, faculty alternate
Ted Parker, graduate alternate

First year language coordinators

GRK: Kenneth Yu
Latin: Jarrett Welsh

CAC Liaison:

George Boys-Stones (Ex Off.)

International Liaison:

Regina Hoeschele


Christer Bruun (George Boys-Stones)
Alison Keith (Sarah Murray)
Jonathan Burgess (Kenneth Yu)