Retirement of Ernest Weinrib

Ernest J. Weinrib

Ernest J.Weinrib, University Professor and Cecil A. Wright Professor of Law, will be retiring after many years teaching our Department’s Roman law course. Professor Weinrib first came to the Department of Classics in the early sixties as an undergraduate. After earning his PhD in Classic at Harvard University, he has taught in the Department since 1968, including during the time when he was a student at U of T’s law school (“my status changing from law student to Classics professor and back every time I crossed Hoskin”).  When he was appointed to the University Faculty of Law in 1972 he insisted to the Dean that he be allowed to teach one course a year in Classics.  Besides standard Roman law courses, he often taught a course of his own creation on Jewish history in the Greco-Roman Period, which became one of the offerings in the then- nascent Centre for Jewish Studies. Professor Weinrib reports that “I always regarded the Department of Classics with affection and even with awe,” and he is thankful that “the Department was always very accommodating to me, even to the extent of acceding to my request (when I became seriously interested in legal philosophy) to teach the Greek course on Plato’s Republic.” He found this experience especially memorable because he had taken the course as a student years earlier under “the indomitable John Rist.” We thank Ernie for his kind words and for sharing his memories, and we wish him a wonderful retirement.