CLASSU (Classics Students’ Union) on 2019-2020

CLASSU is excited to report another wonderful year for our undergraduate constituents, who continue to show a keen interest in the field of Classics and our Department here at the University of Toronto.

Foremost, we are thrilled with the successful execution of the sixth volume of our undergraduate journal, Plebeian, featuring exciting papers from eight authors. Due to the ongoing pandemic, we have published the journal online, and we hope to have physical copies available soon.  Additionally, CLASSU hosted a variety of academic and social initiatives throughout the year, including a graduate school information session. Thank you very much to all of the graduate students and professors who participated.  We also hosted two academic seminars in the fall and winter semesters. Finally, CLASSU hosted an open house event for highschool students in the Greater Toronto Area looking to study Classics at the post-secondary level. This was our first time hosting an event of this nature, and we were extremely pleased to see students from all across Ontario join us!

Also notable news: CLASSU President Irum Chorghay was selected for the Katharine Ball Graduating Award for Course Unions, from the Arts and Science Students’ Union!

As always, many thanks to the ongoing support of the Classics Department and the GCCU. We are looking forward to many more great things in the coming year!

For more about us, visit the Classics Student’s Union page.