Our alumni continue to be highly successful

There is great new about recent graduates. John Fabiano has received a prestigious Banting Postdoctoral Fellowship to study at Yale for the next two years. Jeff Easton has accepted a 3-year Visiting Assistant Professorship at Southwestern University in Texas. David Wallace-Hare’s postdoctoral fellowship at San Diego State was extended by 1 year. J. Oliver has been offered a 3-year position at University of Guelph, cross-listed between Classical Studies and Gender Studies. And Chiara Graf has taken a one-year position at the University of Warwick. Congratulations to all!!

Our recent department external review allowed us to catch up with alumni from the past several years. Many our our PhD grads are thriving in academic careers. Emilia Barbiero is an Assistant Professor at NYU; Vichi Eugenia Ciocani leads a nationally sponsored research project on medieval Latin in Bucharest; Jody Cundy is a Lecturer at the University of Toronto, Scarborough and the University of Queensland; Alex Cushing is a High School teacher in Washington, DC; Susan Dunning is a Junior Research Fellow at Oxford; Marion Durand is an Associate College Lecturer at Oxford; Emily Fletcher is an Associate Professor (Mellon Chair in Ancient Greek Philosophy) at the University of Wisconson-Madison; Nathan Gilbert is an Assistant Professor at Durham; Caitlin Hines is an Assistant Professor at the University of Cincinnati; Sarah McCallum is an Assistant Professor at the University of Arizona; Jaclyn Neel is an Assistant Professor at Carleton University; Tim Perry is Medieval Manuscripts and Early Books Librarian at Thomas Fisher Rare Book Library; Mariapia Pietropaolo is an Assistant Professor at McMaster; Melanie Racette-Campbell is an Assistant Professor at the University of Winnipeg; and Laura Mawhinney teaches ancient languages and history at the Royal Grammar School, Newcastle.

Patrick Hadley is Managing Editor at the University of Utah Press; Jessica Higgins is Strategic Communications Director, Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources & Forestry; John MacCormick is a lawyer; Rob McCutcheon is employed at the Ministry of Advanced Education in Alberta; Eirene Seiradaki is Director, Research Partnerships, Borealis AI in Toronto; and Yuriy Lozynsky is a CPA in Toronto.

MA graduates have also gone on to greater glories. Currently in doctoral programs are Sophia Alkhoury at the University of Chicago; Laura Harris at the University of Washington; Mufei Jang at Berkeley; Sean Karani-Stewart at CMS at UofT; Nicholas Koudounis at Columbia; Andrew Mayo at the University of Michigan in Ann Arbor; and Thomas Slabon at Stanford. JD candidates include Willem Crispin-Frei and Sahar Sayyad at UofT Law, and Skylar Oldreive at Western Ontario University.

Megan Campbell teaches languages at Philips Exeter Academy; Nicole Daniel recently earned her JD at Osgoode Hall; Abigail Ferstman has a Postgrad Certificate in Education from Cambridge; Alison John earned her PhD in 2018 at Edinburgh and is currently a Posdoc at Ghent; Alex Kirby is lawer (JD UBC) in Vancouver; Janet Mowat is Program Coordinator at ABC Life Literacy inToronto; April Ross has a MSt from Oxford and is teaching Classics in the UK; and Chris Stait is an English Teacher Upper Canada College in Toronto.