Lauren Tisdale


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Bio and Research

Lauren Tisdale is currently pursuing a Masters in Classics with a specialization in Ancient History. She graduated in 2021 from the University of Manitoba with an advanced BA in Classics. There, she was awarded the Skuli Johnson Medal for Outstanding Student in Classics and in 2019, she studied abroad at the University of Liverpool to pursue courses in Egyptology and Assyriology.

Lauren has done research on the Hetherington Collection at the University of Winnipeg and has contributed to the international project, a database focused on digitizing papyrus fragments and making them accessible to the public. Her work on fragments of Aristophanes, Homer, and Archilochus are published on the website.

Lauren’s broad research interests include Aegean archaeology and material culture, archaic and classical Greek religious sites, gender in material culture, ethics regarding the acquisition and display of ancient artefacts in museums, and papyrology.

Research Interests

Archaic and Classical Greek archaeology; Greek religion; ancient women and gender dynamics; museum ethics; papyrology.