Latin Lives at U of T

The Romans learned it and more recently so did Harry Potter. The Latin language is gaining popularity and U of T undergraduate classes are filled to the brim with keen Latin lovers.

“We’re running four sections of Latin 100 this year as we did last year, so there has been a demand,” said Professor Alison Keith, chair of classics.” This year we’ve got 25 kids in the third- and fourth-year courses.”

Professor Jarrett Welsh, who recently joined the faculty, said there’s been a revival of Latin for many years now. He teaches intermediate Latin and a third-year Latin class on Roman comedy.

“Latin was the language of the Romans but also of the educated elite of the Renaissance,” Welsh said. “People say that Latin died but it never really died. I think some of the interest we’re seeing is coming out of new engagement with the history of medicine, the history of science and the study of the Renaissance.”

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