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Late Bronze Age Anchorage at Maroni-Tsaroukkas

In June 2017, a small team led by Carrie Fulton started an underwater survey of a Late Bronze Age anchorage at Maroni-Tsaroukkas, along the south-central coastline of Cyprus. Professor Fulton was joined by University of Toronto graduate student, Naomi Neufeld. In this first season, the team tested a custom-designed camera system for digital recording of …

See the “Imperial Landscapes” poster and programme

The details of the international conference “Imperial Landscapes: Empires, Societies, and Environments in the Ancient to Modern Nile Delta”, organized by our very own Katherine Blouin have been finalized, and we are pleased to make the poster and programme available to the public. See you March 23 and 24th, 2017! ____________________ Click on the thumbnail below …

School of Graduate Studies: Writing SSHRC Proposals Course

The School of Graduate Studies (SGS) is offering two upcoming sections of this three-week course designed for graduate students in the Humanities and Social Sciences who are applying for SSHRC (Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council of Canada) Master’s Scholarships or Doctoral Awards. While several of the concepts examined will also be relevant to students …

SSHRC Grant Recipients

Congratulations to Christer Bruun and Jarrett Welsh on their receipt of Insight Grants from the Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council of Canada (SSHRC)!