Bursaries for Summer Courses in Greek and Latin

The following information is also available as a PDF or DOC file.

To support this bursary, please visit this link and donate to the “Department of Classics Departmental Trust.” Thank you for supporting greater diversity within the field of Classics.  

The Department of Classics is promoting the study of Ancient Greek and Latin by students from groups currently under-represented in the field (e.g., on the basis of race, ethnicity, sexual orientation, socio-economic status). We are offering bursaries to cover tuition for language courses ($700 per semester course), and for those visiting from outside the Toronto area, up to an additional $1,000 per semester.

In the first summer term, starting in early May and running through June, we offer LAT 101, LAT 201, and GRK 101.

In the second summer term, staring in July and running through mid-August, we offer LAT 102, LAT 202, and GRK 102.

If you are interested in applying for a bursary, please send by March 22 a cover letter as well as a copy of your university transcript (an unofficial copy is fine) to the Undergraduate Coordinator, Professor George Boys-Stones, at:


In your cover letter please include a few lines to explain your eligibility for this bursary, and how it will help you to achieve your ambitions.

If you are coming from another university in North America or overseas, please see the following link for information about applying and enrolling in courses through Woodsworth College (the online process is straightforward but you will need a Letter of Permission from your own university registrar or study abroad office):


Woodsworth College also has limited accommodation spaces for visiting students; please find information about that through the Woodsworth College website:


For preliminary and (when available) official course timetables see the following link:


If you have additional questions about our summer language courses, feel free to contact the Undergraduate Coordinator, Professor George Boys-Stones, at: