Alumni News: Sarah L. McCallum

Since graduating, Sarah L. McCallum (PhD 2012) has taught at Brock University in St. Catharines and then spent three years at Harvard University as a SSHRC Postdoctoral Fellow and Instructor. Currently, she is Visiting Assistant Professor at Dartmouth College.

She is working on a book project called Taking Love Seriously: Elegiac Love and Death in Aeneid 7–12, which argues that Vergil mediates the epic tradition through the specialized vocabulary of Latin elegy to create a new, Roman mode of epic. Recent publications include “Heu Ligurine: Echoes of Vergil in Horace Odes 4.1,” and “Primus Pastor: The Origins of Pastoral Programme in Ovid’s Metamorphoses” on Ovid’s agonistic engagement with pastoral. She is also co-editing a volume called Instability and Permanence: Uncovering Anna Perenna.

While living in the Upper Valley of New Hampshire, Sarah hopes to make some time for going on adventures in the surrounding wilderness in the nearby mountains with friends and her beloved beagle, Dolly.