U of T at the 2013 CAC Annual Meeting

The University of Toronto was well represented at the annual meeting of the Classical Association of Canada (CAC) in Winnipeg, Manitoba, May 14-16, 2013:

  • Christer Bruun, “Cicero and Clodius: What the Surprising Porta Romana Inscription Reveals about Historical Memory at Ostia”
  • Janet Mowat, “Lysias I and the Corruption of Control”
  • Erik Gunderson, “Repetition in Senecan Tragedy”
  • John MacCormick, “Justice and the Pleasures of Revenge: Aristotle on Anger and Retribution”
  • Gillian Ramsey, “Powers in Dialogue: Miletos, Didyma and the Seleukids, 4th to 2nd Centuries BC”
  • Robert McCutcheon, “‘White-Collar’ Epistulae: M. Caelius Rufus’ Correspondence with Cicero the Proconsul”
  • Nathan Gilbert, “Interpreting the Book of Lucius Saufeius, Roman Epicurean Equestrian Writer of the Late Republic (Servius, Ad Aen. 1.6)”
  • Jessica Higgins, “Odysseus in the Odyssey: Walking Along the Borders of Epic”
  • Vichi Ciocani, “Virginity, Landscape and Storytelling at Scheria”
  • Emilia Barbiero, “Dissing the Dis Exapton: Comic One-Upmanship in Plautus’ Bacchides
  • Melanie Racette-Campbell, “Boys Will Be Boys: The Failure of Adult Masculinity in Plautus”
  • Susan Dunning, “Ego tibi Salus sum: Human Identification with Gods in Plautus”

…as well as recent graduates:

  • Sarah McCallum, “Heu, Ligurne: Echoes of Vergil in Horace, Odes 4.1″
  • Jessica Westerhold, “Byblis’ ‘Feminine Latininty’ in Ovid’s Metamorphoses9.439-665″