2013 Big Ideas in Arts & Science

Bravo and good luck to our colleague, Ben Akrigg!

The Faculty of Arts & Science is launching a new series of interdisciplinary first-year courses under the umbrella of Big Ideas, which will provide almost 500 students from the entering class of 2013 the unique opportunity to explore timely and exciting topics through courses that integrate multiple perspectives across the arts and sciences.

The new year-long courses starting in September are:

  • The Internet: Saving Civilization or Trashing the Planet
  • Energy: From Fire to the Future
  • The End of the World as We Know It

“Energy: From Fire to the Future” will look at different forms of energy, its role in our progress and its impact on our planet, and will be taught by Ben Akrigg of ClassicsYanqin Wu of Astronomy & Astrophysics, and economist Adonis Yatchew. Students in this course will explore the history of energy through objects; the role of different forms of energy in political decisions and public policy; and how our future energy needs might be met.

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