Alumni News: Robert Maxwell

Robert Maxwell writes that after graduating from U of T he became the Classics Librarian (among many other hats) at Brigham Young University’s Harold B. Lee Library. There he just completed the 2011 Summer Institute of the American Society of Papyrologists.

“It was quite a treat to hold this six week institute here and get to meet a number of established papyrologists as well as students. It also gave the Library a good chance to assess and improve its  papyrology holdings, which I personally enjoyed very much. The Library was very helpful with extra funding and moral support, and the seminar itself was held in the Library building. I was  particularly interested in this collection development project  because I used many of these same resources I was purchasing for the  BYU Library when I was a student at U of T doing my dissertation, which  focused on papyri and inscriptions. The U of T Libraries naturally had  nearly everything I needed, and now BYU’s Library has a pretty  creditable collection in this area as well.”