U of T at the 2011 CAC Annual Meeting

The Classics Department has over twenty speakers at the 2011 Annual Meeting of the Classical Association of Canada in Halifax, NS.

Our speakers and their paper titles are:

  • Ben Akrigg, “Individualism at Athens”
  • Adriana Brook, “μήδεν άγαν? φιλία and Excess in Sophocles’ Antigone”
  • Christer Bruun, “What did Severus Alexander do for Ostia? New Evidence for Investments in the Infrastructure of Rome’s Port”
  • Jonathan Burgess, “‘On not returning: Cold Mountain, Bartram’s Travels, and the Odyssey'”
  • Victoria Ciocani, “On Gems in Heliodorus’ Aethiopica”
  • Nathan Gilbert, “Antiphon’s Atheism: Athenian ethical debate in a naturalistic world”
  • Jessica Higgins, “A Place and Space ‘Odyssey'”
  • Eleanor Irwin, “Centred on Athens? Descriptions of landscapes in Greek tragedy”
  • Cara Jordan, “Fable in Latin and Greek Literature”
  • Marie-Pierre Krück, “Homère et les gisants: de l’outrage à la corruption”
  • John Lynd, “Cruelty in Seneca’s Troades”
  • Hugh Mason, “‘Hic mihi Roma fuit.’ Pompey and Mytilene (Lucan, 8.133)”
  • Laura Mawhinney, “A Cyprian Catalogue? Table-Talk and Catalogue between Nestor and Menelaus in the non-Homeric Cypria”
  • Sarah McCallum, “The Amatory Significant of the Name Amata”
  • John McCormick, “Alexander of Aphrodisias on Pleasure”
  • Jackie Neel, “Augury and Foundation Variants in Second-Century Rome”
  • Cilian O’Hogan, “Gyges and Candaules: Herodotus in Robertson Davies’ Fifth Buisness”
  • Mariapia Pietropaulo, “Grotesque Aesthetics in Ovid’s Treatment of Polyphemus”
  • Melanie Racette-Campbell, “Non ulla uestigia: Sexual fidelity in Propertius 2.9 and 2.29”
  • Lee Sawchuck, “Choral Agency in Euripides’ Medea
  • Donald Sells, “The Eleusinian Mysteries and the Public Status of Comedy in Aristophanes’ Frogs”
  • Donald Sells, chair of Graduate Student Panel on Professionalism
  • Eric Tindale, “Listerary Listing and the Suitors of Hippodamia”
  • Christopher Wallace, “Polybius 9.28-39: History and Hellenistic Rhetoric”
  • Jarrett Welsh, “Ennius’ Portrait of a Parasite”
  • Jarrett Welsh, Graduate Student Panel on Professionalism
  • Victoria Wohl, “The Justice of Beauty in Euripides Troades