U of T at the 2011 APA and AIA Annual Meeting

2011 APA AIA

The Department has ten speakers in the upcoming annual meetings of the APA and AIA, held jointly in San Antonio, Texas.

Our speakers and their paper titles are:

  • Rachel Barney, “On Hippo of (Possibly) Rhegium”
  • Regina Höschele, “From Book to Stone: A Lapidary libellus in the Villa of Aelian”
  • Carl Knappett (Art), with Ray Rivers and Tim Evans (Imperial College London), “Neopalatial Networks: Knossos Before and After the Theran Eruption”
  • Ephraim Lytle, “The Fish and the Goat: Regional Contexts and Cilician Religion in Oppian’s Halieutica, 4.308-373″
  • Laura Mawhinney, “Epic in the Cups: Sympotic Performance and the Songs of Achilles and Patroclus”
  • Dimitri Nakassis, “Building a Better Model of Mycenaean Society”
  • Jaclyn Neel, “Fratricide and Foundation: Romulus, Remus, Ennius, and the Civil Wars”
  • Cillian O’Hogan, “Prudentius and the Limits of Art”
  • Donald Sells, “The Eleusinian Mysteries and the Public Status of Comedy in Aristophanes’ Frogs
  • Jarrett Welsh, “The “Fragments” of Plautus’ Captivi
  • Victoria Wohl, “The Politics of Enmity in Euripides’ Orestes