CAC Central Tour: Peter Toohey (Calgary)

Room LI 205

Title:“Disability in the Roman Digest”

A variety of disabilities are highlighted in the Roman legal compendium the Digest. One famous passage (Digest 21.1.9ff.) discusses disabilities such being mute, as having lacerations of the limb, as being short or dim sighted, as having “warts or polypuses in the nose”, or with “imbalance, with one leg shorter than the other”, with limps, as being a habitual bed-wetter, having “fingers joined together” or having congenitally swollen tonsils. This talk will explore some of these conditions to suggest how and why the Digest and perhaps the Romans viewed disability.


CPAMP 25th Anniversary Seminar: Peter Adamson (Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität München)

Common Room, Pontifical Institute of Mediaeval Studies, 59 Queen’s Park Crescent 

We will be celebrating the 25th anniversary of the University of Toronto’s Collaborative Programme in Ancient and Medieval Philosophy (CPAMP) with a series of talks by Peter Adamson. The first is entitled, “Nature in Giles of Rome’s On Ecclesiastical Power