Alumnus News: Dr. Timothy Perry appointed Medieval Manuscript and Early Book Librarian at the Thomas Fisher Rare Book Library

Following his graduation from the doctoral programme, Timothy Perry (PhD 2010) spent two years as a lecturer in Classics at Dartmouth College.

Timothy then returned to school, completing a Master of Information degree in Library and Information Science at the University of Toronto’s iSchool in 2015. While at the iSchool, he was also actively involved in the Book History and Print Culture program and worked as a Printing Fellow at the Massey College Press.

Upon completing his MI, Timothy took up a position as Special Collections Librarian at the University of Missouri. He has now returned to the University of Toronto, where he has recently been appointed Medieval Manuscript and Early Book Librarian at the Thomas Fisher Rare Book Library.

His work as a rare book librarian provides plenty of opportunities to practice his Greek and Latin, and he also teaches classes visiting the Fisher from a variety of departments – without having to do any marking.

Alumna News: Dr. Mariapia Pietropaolo at McMaster

Dr. Mariapia Pietropaolo joined the Department of Classics at McMaster University as an Assistant Professor in the summer of 2018.

Dr. Pietropaolo received her PhD in Classics from the University of Toronto in 2013. She has taught at the University of Toronto and the University of Missouri. Her research focuses on the poets of the Augustan age, and her current projects include a book on the grotesque in Roman love elegy and a study of the aesthetics of Narcissism in Ovid.

Congratulations to Dr. Emilia Barbiero on her permanent appointment!

Congratulations to Dr. Emilia Barbiero, who will begin her permanent appointment as Assistant Professor of Classics at University of Cincinnati!

Since receiving her Ph.D. in Classics from the University of Toronto in 2014, Dr. Barbiero has held academic positions at U of T, New York University, and Dartmouth College.

Best of luck to Dr. Barbiero!

Congratulations to Dr. Nathan Gilbert on his permanent appointment at Durham!

Congratulations to Dr. Nathan Gilbert, who will begin his permanent appointment as Lecturer in Latin Literature at Durham University this coming fall!

Dr. Gilbert earned his doctorate from our department in June 2015 with his dissertation, “Among Friends: Cicero and the Epicureans.” Following a 1-year stint as an Instructor here at UofT, Dr. Gilbert took up his present position as Junior Research Fellow in the Department of Classics at Durham, where he has continued his work on Cicero, Epicureanism, and ancient intellectual history. Two publications, forthcoming this year in Classical Philology and Classical Review, are the first fruits of his post-UofT life, and many others are sure to follow shortly.

Best of luck to Dr. Gilbert!

Alumni Publications: Cillian O’Hogan

Cover for Prudentius and the Landscapes of Late Antiquity

Congratulations to Cillian O’Hogan (PhD 2011) for his new monograph, Prudentius and the Landscapes of Late Antiquitywhich is out this month with OUP. Cillian is presently employed as an Assistant Professor in the department of Classical, Near Eastern, and Religious Studies at UBC.