Midwestern Ancient Greek History and Theory Colloquium 2018

Saturday 29th September
9.30 am          Coffee & welcome
10.00 am        Robert Tordoff (York): “Characterizing Cleon in Aristophanes’ Cavalry.”
11.00 am        Allison Glazebrook (Brock): “The Erotics of Characterization: Problematizing Desire in Lysias 3 and 4”.
12 noon         Lunch
1.30 pm         Boris Chrubasik (Toronto): “Thinking about Hellenic Imperialism”
2.30 pm          Eric Robinson (Indiana): “Was Sparta an Oligarchy?”
3.30 pm          Coffee
4.00 pm          Matthew Christ (Indiana): “The Conscription of Cavalrymen in Classical Athens”
5.00 pm          Judith Fletcher (Wilfrid Laurier) “The Haunted Text: Necromantic Encounters, the First Three Thousand Years.”
Sunday 30th September
9.30 am          Coffee
10.00 am        Sara Forsdyke (Michigan): “The Jury Trial in Ancient Greece: A Revolution in Justice with Implications for the Modern World.”
11.00 am        Charles Stocking (Western) “Kratos before Democracy: Force, Politics, and Signification in Homer’s Iliad.”