Woodbury Library

In addition to the University’s extensive libraries, the Classics Department has a non-circulating library of about 5,000 volumes for the use of graduate students and faculty, built up on the base of the late Professor Leonard Woodbury’s private collection. In addition to a very good collection of basic texts and commentaries, there are essential reference works including L’Année Philologique, the Thesaurus Linguae Latinae, the Lexicon Iconographicum Mythologiae Classicae, Pauly-Wissowa, and Der Neue Pauly, and subscriptions to several major journals.

The online Woodbury Library database is organized into the following categories:

  1. Ancient Science, Mathematics and Technology
  2. Art and Archaeology
  3. Christianity
  4. Collection Budé
  5. Economics
  6. Epigraphy
  7. General History
  8. General Literature
  9. Greco-Roman Egypt
  10. Greek History
  11. Greek Literature
  12. Historiography
  13. Latin Literature
  14. Law and Political Theory
  15. Linguistics
  16. Loeb Classical Library
  17. Metre
  18. Military History
  19. Music
  20. Numismatics
  21. Oxford Classical Texts
  22. Palaeography
  23. Papyrology
  24. Periodicals
  25. Philosophy
  26. Reference
  27. Religion and Mythology
  28. Rhetoric
  29. Roman Britain
  30. Roman History
  31. Uncategorized
  32. Women and Gender Studies