Application Process

How To Apply?

In order to take programs and courses in the Department of Classics, a student must be registered in the University of Toronto, generally in the Faculty of Arts and Science. There are no special requirements for admission to programs and courses in Classics. You will simply need to meet the requirements for admission to the “Humanities” stream at U of T.

Apply through the University of Toronto’s Office of Admissions.

Students registered in other Universities who wish to take courses at the University of Toronto for credit at their home university should consult the information for the Visiting Students program. Students will also need to contact the Registrar of their own University, in order to obtain a “Letter of Permission” for the courses to be recognized by their home university. The Letter of Permission will need to be presented to the Visiting Students office to complete registration.

The Department of Classics is not involved directly in the admissions process, and students do not need the permission of the Department to apply to the University, although the Undergraduate Coordinator would be happy to answer any questions.

In order to be admitted for a Fall-Winter session that begins in September, the application process should be complete by April.