Admission Prerequisites & Requirements

High School Prerequisites

There is no required preparation for classics. Prior study of Latin or Greek is useful but far from essential. It is possible to start learning both languages at university and still reach a high degree of proficiency by the end of your program. It is also possible to study a wide variety of classical civilization courses (in history, literature, mythology, philosophy and other subjects) with no knowledge of the ancient languages.

University Admission Information

  • Apply to the Humanities admission category on the St. George campus
  • Six Grade 12 U or M courses, including English are required
  • Students outside of Ontario should have the equivalent senior high school credits

More details about U of T admissions can be found at the Faculty of Arts & Science website.

What Should I Do In My First Year at U of T?

The introductory course CLA 160H (Introduction to Classical Studies) provides an overview of the entire field and is the ideal place to start. Second-year courses in history, culture and society, mythology, and literature in translation have no prerequisites and may be taken in the first year or later.

The Department of Classics does place a high value on knowledge of Latin and Greek and is proud of its commitment to providing high-quality instruction in both languages. If you think you will be interested in pursuing any of our programs, you should consider trying a language course in your first year (Introductory Greek or Latin courses (GRK 100Y1Y and/or LAT 100Y1Y) , even if you have never done any language study before, to get the maximum benefit.

What Are The Prerequisites?

Before attempting to enrol in a course, students should contact the Undergraduate Coordinator. The automated enrolment system (ROSI) does not check prerequisites “in real time”. After students have obtained a place in a course, ROSI sends a list to the Undergraduate Coordinator of the students who are in a given course but appear not to have the prerequisite.

3** level CLA courses and 2** GRK and LAT courses are “advanced” courses. The instructors will assume that students in them have the appropriate background covered in the prerequisite course. Prerequisites can be waived only for students who can demonstrate to the Undergraduate Coordinator that they have formal training (i.e. courses) that will qualify them to undertake advanced work.

It’s especially important to contact the Undergraduate Coordinator as early as possible:

  • if the course you wish to be considered as a prerequisite was not taken in the University of Toronto. The academic records that are sent to the Undergraduate Instructor never include material from other institutions. Please show or bring a copy of your record from the other institution.
  • if you have no training in Classics, but wish to take a course (in Drama, say, or Cinema) for which you believe you have suitable background from another department.