Graduate Students

John Abad
PhD (History of Late Antiquity, early Christian literature, interface between classical culture and Christianity)

Adam Barker
PhD (Hellenistic and Roman didactic epic, Hellenistic philosophy at Rome, pastoral poetry)

James Carlyle

Alex Cushing
PhD (Roman social history, Roman law and status, social capital and economic activities
of slaves and freedmen)

Drew Davis
PhD (Roman history, ancient colonialism, epigraphy)

Marion Durand (2016-2017 CUPE Representative)

Jeffrey Easton
PhD (Roman history, municipal administration, municipal slaves and freedmen, epigraphy)

John Fabiano (2016-2017 President)
PhD (Late Antiquity, the city of Rome, Latin epigraphy)

Abigail Ferstman
MA (Latin literature, performance, historiography)

Joseph Gerbasi (2016-2017 Secretary)
PhD (History of philosophy, philosophy of history)

Chiara Graf
PhD (Seneca, ancient science, critical theory)

Bradley Hald
PhD (Narrative and historiographical method in Thucydides and the Greek historians)

Jesse Hill
PhD (Latin poems, poetics, the classical tradition)

Caitlin Hines

Emelen Leonard
PhD (Roman elegy, ancient novel, history of sexuality)

Matthew E. Ludwig
MA (Greek and Latin poetry, particularly lyric and epic)

Rachel Mazzara (2016-2017 Vice-President and UTGSU Council Representative)
PhD (Greek and Latin New Comedy, Latin poetry, social history)

Emily C. Mohr (2016-2017 Treasurer)
PhD (Women and gender, Greek drama)

Naomi Neufeld

Skylar Oldreive
MA (Roman history, Roman cavalry)

Edward Parker
PhD (Athenian oratory, Thucydides, Homer)

Chizm Payne
MA (Comparative mythology and poetry, more specifically Homer and interacting traditions)

Snejina Sonina
MA (Comparative linguistics, lexicology, semantics, semiotics; self-knowledge in ancient sources)

David Sutton
MA (Latin poetry, gender and sexuality, masculinity studies and homosociality)

Christopher Stait
MA (Ancient epic especially Homer, Greek poetry, Bronze and Archaic Age culture)

David Wallace-Hare
PhD (Latin onomastics, Roman social history, Romano-Celtic interactions)

Matthew Watton (2016-2017 Social Chair)
PhD (Ancient philosophy and science, Greek poetry)