Graduate Students

Sophia Alkhoury
MA (Latin literature of the late Republic and early Empire)

Anthony Antunes
PhD (Platonic psychology, relationship of philosophy to poetry, metaphysics)

Katerina Apokatanidis
PhD (Greek epic poetry, Greek hymnic poetry, sex and gender, Dionysian religion, Bacchic ritual)

Adam Barker
PhD (Hellenistic and Roman didactic epic, Hellenistic philosophy at Rome, pastoral poetry)

Peter Bayer

Kylee Bailey

Gabrielle Bertrand-Pickfield
MA (Greek tragedy, gender and sexuality, politics of the Hellenistic period)

Gianmarco Bianchini
PhD (Latin philology, textual criticism, Latin palaeography, manuscript studies, Latin metric epigraphy)

Alison Cleverley
PhD (religion, social history, historiography, cultural identities)

Alex Cushing
PhD (Roman social history, Roman law and status, social capital and economic activities of slaves and freedmen)

Anass Dakkach
PhD (Egyptian magic in Roman Egypt, Greek poetry, Afro-Asiatic languages)

Christopher Das Neves
MA (Roman social history, economic development in the early Roman Empire)   

Drew Davis (2017-2018 Treasurer)
PhD (Roman history, ancient colonialism, epigraphy)

Jeffrey Easton
PhD (Roman history, municipal administration, municipal slaves and freedmen, epigraphy)

John Fabiano
PhD (Late Antiquity, the city of Rome, Latin epigraphy)

Georgia Ferentinou

Elliott Fuller
PhD (Bronze and Iron Age mortuary archaeology, textiles, adornment and dress, gender theory)    

Kat Furtado
PhD (Greek and Roman ethical philosophy, emotion and reason, community in ethical philosophy)

Joseph Gerbasi
PhD (History of philosophy, philosophy of history)

Chiara Graf (2017-2018 President)
PhD (Seneca, ancient science, critical theory)

Bradley Hald
PhD (Narrative and historiographical method in Thucydides and the Greek historians)

Jesse Hill
PhD (Roman poetry and poetics, the Latin tradition)

Nicholas Koudounis
MA (Hellenistic History; multi-ethnic relations and multiculturalism in the Greek East with a focus on the Greeks and non-Greeks in Hellenistic Alexandria)     

Giulio Leghissa
PhD (papyrology, Greek lyric poetry, multiculturalism and relations between Greeks and non-Greeks in Asia Minor)

Emelen Leonard
PhD (Roman elegy, ancient novel, history of sexuality)

Matthew E. Ludwig
PhD (Greek and Latin poetry, particularly lyric and epic)

Rachel Mazzara
PhD (Greek and Latin New Comedy, Latin poetry, social history)

Emily C. Mohr
PhD (Women and gender, Greek drama)

Naomi Neufeld

Brendan Palangio

Edward Parker
PhD (Athenian oratory, Thucydides, Homer)

Snejina Sonina
MA (Comparative linguistics, lexicology, semantics, semiotics; self-knowledge in ancient sources)

Taylor Stark
MA (Bronze Age Aegean economy, mortuary practice, landscape archaeology)

David Sutton
PhD (Latin poetry, gender and sexuality, masculinity studies and homosociality)

Arnoldus Van Roessel
PhD (Roman History, Intellectual History, Latin Palaeography)

David Wallace-Hare
PhD (Latin onomastics, Roman social history, Romano-Celtic interactions)

Matthew Watton (2017-2018 Vice-President and UTGSU Council Representative)
PhD (Ancient philosophy and science, Greek poetry)

Justin Hamblin-Yule (2017-2018 Social Chair)
MA (Greek History, Late Antiquity, Intellectual History, Early Christianity)