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In Memoriam: Frederick E. Winter

Professor Frederick E. Winter died Saturday evening, September 17, 2011, from complications following successful heart surgery. He was just a few weeks short of his eighty-ninth birthday. Professor Winter wrote his doctoral dissertation on Greek Fortifications (1957) in the Department of Art and Archaeology at the University of Toronto under the direction of Professor J.W. … Read More

In Memoriam: Emmet Robbins

Emmet Robbins, Professor Emeritus of Classics at the University of Toronto, after a lengthy illness died on Tuesday, August 16, 2011 at Kensington Gardens Health Centre. He was son of the late Dr. John E. Robbins and Catherine St Denis Robbins. A graduate of Fisher Park High School in Ottawa, he attended Carleton University, and … Read More

Emeriti Updates

Congratulations to Emeritus Professor Timothy D. Barnes on his election as a Fellow of the British Academy (on Thursday 21 July) and to Emeritus Professor John N. Grant on the publication of his edition with translation of Lilio Gregorio Giraldi’s Modern Poets in the I Tatti Renaissance Library (spring 2011).

Faculty Publications: Alison Keith

Congratulations to Alison Keith on “Latin Elegy and Hellenistic Epigram: A Tale of Two Genres at Rome” (Cambridge Scholars Publishing, 2011).

2011 Outstanding Teaching Award Recipient

Congratulations to Victoria Wohl on being one of four recipients of this year’s Faculty of Arts & Science Outstanding Teaching Awards! The annual Outstanding Teaching Awards recognize the continuing excellence of faculty members during the past three years in both undergraduate teaching and other contributions to undergraduate education. The following criteria are considered during the evaluation … Read More

Faculty Publications: Brad Inwood

Congratulations to Brad Inwood on “On Benefits” (The University of Chicago Press, 2011).

Research Opportunity Program

For St. Michael’s College student Cristina Ichim, acquiring real research experience couldn’t come soon enough in her undergraduate studies. Thankfully, the Faculty of Arts & Science’s Research Opportunity Program, commonly known as 299Y for its course code, met her needs perfectly. “I was interested in the 299 projects in my first year, as I knew … Read More

Faculty Publications: Victoria Wohl

Congratulations to Victoria Wohl on her article, “A Tragic Case of Poisoning: Intention Between Tragedy and the Law” (TAPA, 2010).

Faculty Publications: Dimitri Nakassis

Congratulations to Dimitri Nakassis on his book chapter in “Political Economies of the Aegean Bronze Age” (Oxbow Books, 2010).

Latin Lives at U of T

The Romans learned it and more recently so did Harry Potter. The Latin language is gaining popularity and U of T undergraduate classes are filled to the brim with keen Latin lovers. “We’re running four sections of Latin 100 this year as we did last year, so there has been a demand,” said Professor Alison … Read More