Congratulations to Dr. Emilia Barbiero on her permanent appointment!

Congratulations to Dr. Emilia Barbiero, who will begin her permanent appointment as Assistant Professor of Classics at University of Cincinnati!

Since receiving her Ph.D. in Classics from the University of Toronto in 2014, Dr. Barbiero has held academic positions at U of T, New York University, and Dartmouth College.

Best of luck to Dr. Barbiero!

Congratulations to Dr. Nathan Gilbert on his permanent appointment at Durham!

Congratulations to Dr. Nathan Gilbert, who will begin his permanent appointment as Lecturer in Latin Literature at Durham University this coming fall!

Dr. Gilbert earned his doctorate from our department in June 2015 with his dissertation, “Among Friends: Cicero and the Epicureans.” Following a 1-year stint as an Instructor here at UofT, Dr. Gilbert took up his present position as Junior Research Fellow in the Department of Classics at Durham, where he has continued his work on Cicero, Epicureanism, and ancient intellectual history. Two publications, forthcoming this year in Classical Philology and Classical Review, are the first fruits of his post-UofT life, and many others are sure to follow shortly.

Best of luck to Dr. Gilbert!

See the “Philosophies of Flavian Literature” poster and programme

The details of the international workshop “Philosophies of Flavian Literature,” organized by our very own Alison Keith and featuring the work of our department’s Graduate Students, have all been finalized, and we are pleased to make the poster and programme available to the public.

See you March 4th!

Professor Alison Keith Appointed as Director of the Jackman Humanities Institute

Congratulations to Professor Alison Keith for her appointment as Director of the Jackman Humanities Institute!

The Jackman Humanities Institute (as its website says)  “is a community of research and study” which “advances scholarship at the University of Toronto by creating new networks — both physical and virtual — for interaction among humanities scholars, regardless of their discipline.”

Professor Keith, who has also won this year’s Leadership Award from the Women’s Classical Caucus of the Society for Classical Studies, will take up her 5-year post at the Institute on July 1, 2017.

Click here to read the official University of Toronto Memorandum announcing the appointment.